washmatic introduces their latest range of commercial dishwashing solutions and grease separators in india

Washmatic Introduces Their Latest Range Of Commercial Dishwashing Solutions And Grease Separators In India

washmatic introduces their latest range of commercial dishwashing solutions and grease separators in india

Washmatic focuses on providing state of the art dishwashing solutions to the hospitality industry in India. They manufacture and supply dishwashers and related accessories to their clients spread across India and abroad.

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Commercial dishwashing is an intricate part of the hospitality industry especially for big restaurants and speciality kitchens of elite hotels. Practicing cleanliness and hygiene is of the utmost importance in case these establishments want to maintain their elite positions in the eyes of their patrons for years to come. Washmatic is an Indian company that specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of quality assured, commercial grade dishwashing machines and accessories. Their products are compatible with commercial working conditions and capable of performing efficiently for bulk washing of dishes. Washmatic offers a broad range of commercial dishwashers. Washmatic deals in other products like grease separator, dishwasher accessories which includes detergents, water softener, Pre rinse spar units  etc. The inclusion of the customization options for their services rendered to their clients enables them to cater to both commercial giants as well as small scale food joints.

The ease of installation for the grease interceptor (grease trap or grease collector) along with its capabilities and customizable functionalities make these products a popular choice among the clients. These are now a necessity for every restaurant due to strict pollution control laws.

Washmatic have many types and models of dishwashers, like undercounter dishwashers, Hoodtype dishwashers, conveyor type dishwashers, flight type dishwashers, Pot and pan washers, crate washers etc.

The under-counter dishwasher is having a stainless steel wash tank designed in a deeply drawn from. This particular model is proven to provide the highest levels of hygiene while cleaning the dish. The machine is manufactured in such a way that welding joints are absent ensuring long years of service.

Dishwashing solutions need to be hygienic and they should not have any adverse effect on the items that are washed. It is an integral part of the kitchen. Being made in India, they are available at cost effective rates but the company does not compromise on the quality of the solution. The plant is ISO 9001 certified and machines are tested for CE.

All of the components of the dishwashers offered from Washmatic are indigenously designed that ensures long-lasting performance and efficiency throughout the life of the machine. Washmatic is a company that is known for their commitment towards their customers and their diligent after sales service. They put a lot of effort in putting together an intricate network of customer centers and regional offices across India. One can readily agree that Washmatic is one of the leading Dishwasher and Grease trap manufacturer in India.

About Washmatic

URL: http://www.washmaticindia.com

Washmatic is an Indian company that fabricates and supplies quality assured industrial grade dishwashing machines and related accessories. They are well known across the hospitality industry for their inclination towards innovation and scientifically forward products. The company stuck to its plan of providing their customers with state of the art, innovative dishwashing machines and efficient solutions for their hygiene related issues.


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